Specialist mosquito control from the experts

With our canals, coastal areas and mangrove swamps ideal breeding places, mosquitoes are a major problem across the Gold Coast and southern Queensland. With the concern about mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus, mosquito control has never been more important. Although the mosquito that carries the Zika virus is not in southeast Queensland, there are other diseases such as Ross River fever carried by different mosquitoes that can be very debilitating.

However, for many it is the simple annoyance of mosquitoes. Gold Coast Pest Services have developed a range of mosquito control techniques to allow Queenslanders to reclaim the "big outdoors" from mosquitoes.

Mosquito control for homeowners

Although many homeowners tackle occasional or light mosquito problems with supermarket products, when the mosquito population explodes the problem can be overwhelming. Our outdoor mosquito "barrier" treatment around the perimeter of the property, coupled with standard mosquito prevention tips can make your mosquito problems a thing of the past.

Our Mosquito Barrier treatment

We "mist" the underside of leaves

We "mist" the underside of leaves

Our general pest inspection and treatment does not cover mosquitoes, as mosquito control requires special products and equipment. Although nothing can be done to stop mosquitoes flying into your property, our Mosquito Barrier treatment is design to target the mosquitoes where they land and rest. Mosquitoes are not great flyers and rest in sheltered areas, especially during the day. By carrying out a complete treatment of mosquito resting areas, we create an interception barrier, controlling the mosquitoes before they get to you!

Our Mosquito Barrier treatment includes:

  • Spray and mist mosquito hiding places: sides of buildings, under eaves and decking, underside of foliage
  • UV and rain resistant: lasts up to 3 months (conditional warranty)
  • Assistance and tips to eliminate mosquito breeding places
Ready to start mosquito treatment

Ready to start mosquito treatment

Our Up to 3 month warranty is a "fair go" warranty. Our treatment is proven to deliver excellent mosquito control, but no treatment can guarantee 100% control. If you still have a significant problem after treatment and you have eliminated any identified breeding spots, we will carry out a re-treatment. The "fair-go" means that the UP TO component of the warranty should be considered – for example, a call one week before the end of the 3 month period will not result in a re-treatment.

If your mosquito problem is an ongoing problem, rather than an "one-off" outbreak, a regular treatment program may be required to keep the mosquito numbers down so you can enjoy outdoor entertaining.

Give us a call today to reclaim your backyard!

Until the end of March we are offering a discount on mosquito treatments on domestic residences


Mosquito control for hotels and businesses

If you are a hotel or business where you require shared outdoor areas to be enjoyed (rather than avoided!), give us a call to discuss mosquito management programs. We can tailor a mosquito management program to your situation, often including a combination of spray and misting treatments, larval treatments to water bodies, mosquito traps and other mosquito management techniques.

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Mosquito prevention tips - what can you do?

Mosquitoes lay eggs in bromeliads

Mosquitoes lay eggs in bromeliads

Adult mosquitoes tend to hang around breeding spots – they lay their eggs in still or slow-moving water. So if you can eliminate breeding spots on your property, it's a good first step in keeping the mosquito population down. Here are the potential mosquito breeding places around your home and what you need to do to prevent mosquitoes breeding:

  • Pot plants: Empty any water from plant pots or from the leaves of bromeliads once a week.
  • Ponds and water features: Make sure you have enough fish in any ponds to keep mosquito larvae in check and keep vegetation away from the edge of the water.
  • Drains and gutters: Ensure drains and gutters are flowing freely and water is not pooling. Remove leaves from gutters.
  • Rainwater tanks: Rainwater tanks need to have solid, close-fitting lids on any access points and mosquito-proof meshes on all inlets and overflows (mesh less than 1 mm). This prevents access by adult mosquitoes and also prevents eggs or larvae being washed in from pooled water in the gutter.
  • Swimming pools: Make sure swimming pool chlorine / salt levels are kept up and remove any leaves from the pool.
  • Site drainage: If long-lasting puddles persist (longer than a week) after a period of rain, improve drainage or level the ground to prevent puddles.