Termite protection for new homes and renovations
Pre-construction termite treatments

Getting the termite protection right when you are building a home or carrying out a renovation is vital in preventing termite attacks. The termite management system is likely to be a combination of the construction design itself plus physical termite barriers and / or termite chemical treatments. If you are thinking of building a home, doing some renovations or even carrying out landscaping (gardens and driveways / paths), please contact us first. Many builders and landscapers do not know the termite regulations and often make the wrong (or no!) recommendation regarding termite protection - mistakes which can be costly or impossible to remedy after construction.

Pre-construction termite protection is installed when building a home

Pre-construction termite protection is installed when building a home

Termite protection for existing homes
Post-construction termite treatments

Most homeowners choose to install a termite management system to protect their existing property either because they have just suffered a termite attack or they want to prevent one happening in the first place. There are two types of termite management systems: liquid chemical treatments (applied to the soil) or termite monitoring and baiting systems. The choice of system will depend on the construction of the property, the nature of the surrounding land plus any personal preference of the homeowner.

If you think you have termites, don't delay call us for advice immediately. A termite inspection is the first step before considering the appropriate termite treatment.

Termite barrier / treated zone

Termite liquid chemical barriers are applied to the soil around (and in some cases under) the house. It is important to have a complete treated zone around the house, to prevent the termites from getting in without being noticed. Where there are driveways, paths or pavers, the surfaces need to be lifted or drilled to apply the termiticide. The treatment normally lasts around 5 years, after which the soil will need to be re-treated. When applied properly, soil treatments can provide excellent termite protection. It is important to remember, that soil treatments are only design to prevent concealed termite entry, there is nothing to stop termites building a "bridge" over the top of the soil (thus avoiding the treatment). This is one of the or reasons why, even with a termite soil treatment in place, it is important to still have an annual Gold Coast termite inspection.

DIgging trench around the property for a termite soil treatment

DIgging trench around the property for a termite soil treatment

Ultrathor trusted installer

Gold Coast Pest Services are a fully accredited and preferred installer of Ultrathor, Ultimate Termite Solution. If you choose to have your home protected by Ultrathor, not only to do have your home protected by a high performing termite product, you have the comfort of knowing it is backed by a $100,000 termite performance warranty.

Ultrathor warranty

Termite monitoring and baiting systems

Termite monitoring systems consist of bait stations inserted into the ground around the buildings and at other potential termite hot spots on your property (e.g. near tree stumps, moist garden beds, etc). These bait stations contain wood attractive to termites. The idea is that if there are any termites in the area, they will find the bait stations and start feeding on the wood. Once they start feeding, a termite bait (containing a slow acting insecticide) is added to the bait station. The termites then start feeding on the bait, taking it back to the nest and killing the colony. With a baiting system it is important that the bait stations are inspected every 2-3 months to pick up termite feeding as soon as it starts, so the bait can be applied and the termites treated.

Bait stations are placed in the ground around the property

Bait stations are placed in the ground around the property

Exterra termite baiting system
Exterra Preferred operator

Gold Coast Pest Services are a preferred operator for the Exterra baiting system, the leading termite baiting system in Australia. If you have an Exterra system installed you can be confident you are getting a world class system installed by one of the leading pest control companies.

Exterra also back their product with a $100,000 timber damage warranty.

Exterra termite timber replacement warranty

Timber protection insurance

Both termite liquid soil treatment and termite monitoring and baiting systems are recognised termite management systems which can provide excellent home protection. However, no system can provide 100% protection against termites, which is why we like to offer the Timber Secure insurance which provides up to $100,000 cover against termite damage in the unlikely event of termite attacking a home with a termite management system in place. If your home needs protection from termites, please call our friendly staff to arrange for a free quote