The products we use...

We only use products registered by the government (APVMA) that have been classified as safe to use in residential and commercial areas, around children and pets. We carry a range or products to allow us to select the best product for your particular situation – we certainly don't push one particular product. If you have a particular product in mind or wish to know more about the products that will be used at your property, our technicians are happy to discuss the options prior to any treatment. We also issue a pest treatment advice (information on the treatment) after the service, as required by law. If you wish to get a copy of the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for any product we use, please let us know.

To maintain our knowledge and provide the best service, we ensure we are fully accredited in the use of a range of pest control products. These include:

Altriset Termiticide

Altriset is a relatively new liquid termite treatment on the market and has a unique "stop feeding" effect and great environmental profile.

Termidor Termiticide

The leading termite product on the market with long-lasting performance.

Ultrathor Termiticide

Gold Coast Pest Services are an accredited and preferred installer of Ultrathor, The Ultimate Termite Solution and are able to offer their $100,000 warranty.

Exterra (termite bait)

Gold Coast Pest Services are accredited and a preferred operator of Exterra, The Termite Interception & Baiting System and are able to offer their $100,000 timber protection warranty.

Xterm (termite bait)

Xterm termite monitoring and baiting system is the latest termite baiting system on the market.

Termx (replenishment system)

Accredited in the installation of the TermX reticulation system and replenishment with termiticide.

SX reticulation system


Accredited installer of the range of Termseal termite protection products.

Termatrac (termite detector)

One of vital termite detection tools to aid in picking up areas of moisture and termite activity in walls.

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera

Gold Coast Pest Services use the Flir E6 Thermal imaging camera for helping to detect termites and other pests behind walls.