Building and pest inspections you can rely on when buying a Gold Coast property

If you are an overseas or interstate investor looking to buy property on the Gold Coast it is vital to have professional building and pest inspections carried out before you buy. Gold Coast Pest Services understand that making those big investment decisions can be difficult without trustworthy, detailed information. With over 10 years experience of building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast, not only do we understand building and pest issues but the tricks real estate agents sometimes employ!

Building and pest inspections before buying is vital!

For overseas and interstate property investors looking to buy on the Gold Coast, pre-purchase building and pest inspections are a must. When the investor is unable to actually visit the potential investment, these inspections take on a higher level of importance and it is vital to choose an experienced inspection service.

Why should property investors choose Gold Coast Pest Services?

  • We work for you not the real estate agents
  • Provide separate pre-purchase building and pest inspections to Australian Standards
  • We use two different inspectors; separate building and pest inspections, experts in their fields
    (two sets of eyes are better than one!)
  • We utilise the latest termite detection equipment – thermal imaging cameras and motion detectors
  • Provide detailed multi-page report with photos
  • Happy to provide post inspection feedback on the phone
  • Video shorts provided on request (additional fee)
  • Able to prepare and implement an ongoing termite management plan for your property post-purchase
Motion detectors used to pick up termites behind walls

Motion detectors used to pick up termites behind walls

Our building and pest inspections page provide full details of our services.

Please call our friendly staff or email us to make a booking or ask any questions

Termites on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has a great year round climate. But it is this warmth and moisture that makes it an ideal environment for termites, in fact South East Queensland is considered a termite hotspot. Large termite nests can cause significant damage to properties in a matter of months. Standard property insurance does not provide the owners with cover from termite damage. With repair costs from termite damage commonly between $10,000 - $30,000 – and in the worse cases the property requiring demolition – it is important that property owners have a termite management place in place to protect their investment.

Large nests contain over 1 million termites and can cause significant damage in months!

Large nests contain over 1 million termites and can cause significant damage in months!

How should I protect my investment property from termites?

Gold Coast Pest Services will have made a recommendation regarding a termite management plan as part of the pre-purchase timber pest report. There are normally two parts to an ongoing termite management plan:

  1. Regular termite inspections (every 6 or 12 months). With termite attack more likely than flood, fire or other natural disaster, regular termite inspections are a must
  2. Install a termite management system around the property. When you are spending hundreds of thousands on a property, it is important to consider installing a termite management system to significantly reduce the risk of a termite attack. Many of these systems come with timber protection warranties giving you extra peace of mind that your home is insured from termite attack.

One significant additional benefit of regular termite inspections is that they provide great value for investors, in that they provide a second set of eyes to inspect the property during the year. The real estate property manager will carry out regular inspections, but these tend to be of a superficial nature and will not pick up any termite activity or other building issues. During our termite inspections we scan wet areas for leaks, assess guttering and drainage and get into the roof void and sub-floor, so we identify other building maintenance issues that would otherwise be missed before they could become a bigger, more expensive problem that could affect your investment.