Professional tree services

Arborist Gold Coast

Tree maintenance

General tree maintenance including pruning using chainsaws / hand saws.

Tree surgery

More significant removal of tree branches including lopping of diseased and dangerous limbs.

Tree felling

Safe removal of diseased trees or trees with approval for felling (we can help with the self-assessment process for tree removal and provide guidance on whether a council application is required).

Disease / pest management

Identification of pests and diseases attacking trees. Treatments can be provided or written treatment programs can be provided for self application.

Termite nest treatments

Location of termite nests in trees, safe drilling of trunks to confirm location and allow treatment. Climbing trees for the safe treatment and removal or arboreal termite nests.

Consultancy and advice

Give us a call with your questions or concerns about trees on your property, we're here to help!

Termites and trees

A favourite nesting site for subterranean termites is in tree trunks or the root crown of trees (the area at the base of the trunk just below soil surface). Location of termite nests is a key part of termite inspections and treatments. Often this will involve the drilling of holes into the trunks of trees considered as potential nesting sites. This needs to be done carefully to minimise damage to the tree and prevent future disease. These drill holes are not only used for locating the nest but also to apply the treatment. All drill holes are sealed carefully after use.

Some species of termites build arboreal nests (nests high in the canopy of trees). These are still subterranean termites and they will be foraging tunnels going down the tree to the soil at the base. Often they can be connected to another part of the colony in the trunk or root crown of the tree.

Arboreal termite nest

Arboreal termite nest

Termite nest at base of trunk

Termite nest at base of trunk

Termite mud tubes on tree

Termite mud tubes on tree

What to do if you have termite nests/activity in your tree?

If you spot some termite mudding on the outside of a tree or potential nest, it is important to get a pest professional in to identify the species. This is done by looking for the visible mud tunnels, which can then be scraped back to find active termites. If a pest species is identified, the whole house will need to be inspected and the nest treated – even if the termites are not attacking the home, their close proximity to the home means a future attack will be likely.

There are different options available to treat and/or remove these termites and their nests. Some treatments can be carried out from the ground by treating the workings (mudding/tunnels) with a bait, dust or foam product. If the nest cannot be treated from the ground (as is often the case with an arboreal nest), our qualified arborist can climb and treat the nest directly and if deemed necessary remove any large or dangerous limbs that have been affected by the termite activity.

If you think you may have some termite activity call Gold Coast Pest Services without delay for a professional termite inspection.