Are all pest control treatments the same?

When you type in "Pest control Gold Coast" or something similar you will get a variety of companies come up in search results. With so many pest control companies out there all charging different prices, it is difficult to know which pest control company and what pest treatment to choose. Let's have a look at what's involved in a "general pest treatment" so you can compare different quotes you may get.

What's involved in a "general" pest control treatment?

Before starting the treatment, the pest technician should inspect the property, discuss any issues with you, explain the treatment and carry out a risk assessment.

Ensure that the roof void is treated

Ensure that the roof void is treated

Typically the treatment will involve spraying the perimeter of the property, all surfaces, around doors, windows, other entry points, under the eaves, gutters and any foliage. This treatment is targeting crawling insects such as large cockroaches and ants, as well as web-spinning spiders.

A quality pest technician would spray inside the house as needed and choose the correct products and if the property has a particular problem with a specific insect additional products such as gel baits, sticky boards, dusts and granules may be applied to the affected areas.

If you have a sub-floor it should be treated

If you have a sub-floor it should be treated

The roof void is a key area to inspect and treat. Typically pest technicians will blow an insecticide powder through the roof void to provide a fine layer over all the surfaces. This can be very effective at keeping pest numbers down.  

If the house has a sub-floor, this area should be inspected and then treated with a spray and / or powder, as required.

Depending on your requirements, treatment of the garage, sheds & fences may also be included in the service.

Most pest control treatments will come with a warranty period, normally 6 or 12 months. To maintain the warranty, the homeowner needs to have met any conditions specified by the pest technician at the time of the treatment. If a pest issue covered by the warranty arises during the warranty period, the normal procedure is for the technician to come back and provide a supplementary pest control treatment to solve the issue (free of charge).

It is important to note that, although the pest technician is "inspecting" your home, they are not specifically looking for termites and it is not a formal termite inspection. You should be very cautious about accepting a free termite check or inspections.... but that's a separate discussion.

Some pest control companies may also include a "rodent treatment" as part of their service. Such rodent treatments only normally deal with low level / background rodent issues, dealing with a rodent problem will be a more involved exercise with additional charges.

How long should a pest control treatment take?

The duration of a pest control treatments will vary depending on the size of the property, construction type and level of pest infestation. For example a home with a sub-floor will take longer than a home on a concrete slab. But as a guide, for the typically modern 3/4 bedroom Gold Coast home on a concrete slab, a general pest treatment should take around an hour. If it is taking them less than 30 minutes you should be worried.

What do the pest control regulations say?

The pest technician needs to be licensed and insured to carry out the pest control treatments being requested. They are required to provide you with their license and insurance on request. There are a lot of "cowboys" on the Gold Coast (often charging the cheapest prices), who are not licensed or insured, so be careful!

Before carrying out a pest control treatments the pest technician should carry out an inspection to determine the nature of the problem and work out what treatment is required.

Before applying any product the technician should carry out a risk assessment. This involves assessing the property and surrounding properties for any safety or environmental issues that need to be considered before applying a product.

After the treatment the pest technician should provide you with a pest treatment advice which specifies what products have been applied to what locations around your home.

Questions to ask...

With the information above you should have the knowledge to ask appropriate questions about a general pest control service and quote. Ask them exactly what their service involves, how long it will take and of course check their license and insurance. It should allow you to compare quotes and ensure you are getting the service you require and one that's good value for money!

Don't forget the importance of an annual termite inspection. By combining the termite inspection with general pest treatment, you will normally get a significant discount on the separate services.